Drawing of two Texas Women weaving

Really a Weaver?

It may or may not have taken some moments to figure out where I was in the process, but I figured it out and did some weaving.

Small child's hands with pin cushion

Not Quite Perfection

It’s even more interesting to help them navigate their frustrations. This is also known as asking them not to whine, to find a nicer way to ask for what they want.

Assorted white buttons

Buttons Galore

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving here in the US. And I’d like to say that I’m thankful for all these buttons. I can’t see how I’d ever use all of them, but they sure are fun to play with.

Sewing machine error icon

Simple Solutions

Sometimes it’s an easy fix: change a setting, switch to a different presser foot, rethread the machine. Other times it’s a total mystery. What did I do wrong this time?