What is Gika coaching, and how does it work?

Two coffee mugs on painted table on porch

Thomas Leonard described coaching as “a conversation with a bit of wisdom thrown in.” For me, it feels like the kind of conversation you might have on your front porch. You’re watching the world go by, having a cuppa, and talking about the things that matter to you. Somewhere along the way, you recognize something in yourself that you hadn’t noticed in quite a while—maybe ever. Along with that recognition comes new energy and renewed possibilities.

Most of my coaching clients come to me because they feel stuck. Ever felt like that? Can’t quite move forward, surely don’t want to move backward and really don’t like where you are? With genuine curiosity, I help clients look at what it is they really want—it’s usually somewhere under the surface—and what’s been getting in the way. Again with curiosity, we look at ways to turn the formerly impossible into the possible, perhaps even into easy and fun.

I firmly believe that the things that hold us back in life once served a very good purpose. And while you can have all kinds of bad feelings about your apparent limitations, they just are what they are. Rather than heap more shame and regret on the pile of bad feelings, I like to look at what’s serving you now. And, of course, what you can draw on that will help you move quickly and easily toward what you really want.

I have a reputation for being gentle and nonjudgmental, but watch out! I’ve also been described as the quietest storm that ever blew through town. If you want to make some changes in your life, let’s talk. You can sign up for a free 20-minute consultation to see if coaching with Gika is the right next step for you.

Most of my coaching clients come to me because they feel stuck. Ever felt like that?

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