Eclipse in clouds

Feeling Weightless—or Not

Feldenkrais said that the purpose of the skeleton is to make us feel weightless. And sometimes we do get that sense of feeling light and easy, able to move freely in our space. Our bones give us the capacity to lift ourselves up from the ground, in spite of gravity. It’s a wondrous thing.

Royal blue knitting yarn sitting on hand-knit sweater

Where to Start?

I never thought of myself as having any sort of attention deficit disorder, but I do like having a variety of projects, books, activities going on.

Virginia Sweetspire in bloom

Virginia Sweetspire

What are you letting go of or finishing up? Are you clearing space for new beginnings? Are you seeing signs of new growth? What might be especially nice to start at this particular moment?

Woman on a ladder, reaching out to paint a ceiling

There’s Still Room to Reach Out

Reaching out for a hug, reaching down to pick up a bag. These all seem like simple, everyday movements—until they’re not. Explore ways to make reaching out easier and more graceful.

A bucket full of ripe strawberries

Strawberry Season

What I’ve learned from coaching, Feldenkrais, and even from felt-making, is that we can make choices about how we respond.

The word "Joy"

A Pocketful of Joy

Because of the pace of the day, and the pleasurable intensity of most of the interactions, I couldn’t dwell on the not so good news. I stayed engaged and interested in the conversations.

Redbud tree in bloom with other trees in the background

What the Heck Is Coaching?

Picture driving along the interstate in west Texas. It’s a clear, sunny day ,and you can see for miles. It’s clear sailing, and you can go as fast as you like—or as fast as your vehicle, driving skills, and conscience allow.

20 different, colorful infinity symbols

Possibilities and Choices

Sometimes, with new clarity and insight, the next steps become clear—perhaps even unexpectedly obvious.

Flowing river and trees

Found Moments

It can be jarring when your schedule shifts and leaves a gap. Depending on what disappeared, it could be disappointing or annoying or perhaps even a relief.

Tangled skein of dark gold linen thread

Tangled Webs

Did I waste some time? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes, I think so. The tangled mess reminded me of life and Shakespeare. “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”