Waterfall in North Carolina mountains

Unavowed Dreams

We pay attention to the movements, but it’s not just about the movement. It’s also about the way we change, the new ways we see ourselves and what’s possible.

Swimming pools with floaties

Shorter Days

Today was one of those days for me. Lots of driving. Some really nice sessions with clients. Delightful time with two of my granddaughters, and even a bit of time with one of my grown kids.

Rugged landscape on Selah Ranch in Johnson City, Texas.

Unexpected Connections

They connected, chatted, and my friend listened between the lines. He noticed something odd in the conversation, got curious and stayed connected.

Origami eight-pointed star with multi-colored paper.

Not So Many Words

When it became obvious that it wasn’t so simple for us, she broke it down into simpler steps and quietly showed us how to proceed.

Sketch of rib case, including clavicles and humerus bones

So Much to Learn

It’s fun to get a glimpse of what you didn’t know that you didn’t know. So, if you can’t find me elsewhere, I’ll have my nose in some anatomy books.