Athletes on high road, pedestrians along lower road.

Athletes Take the High Road

We can learn a lot from going outside our comfort zones. We can also learn a lot—as we do in Feldenkrais lessons—from staying well within the easy zones.

Hammock on front porch

No classes or private sessions May 2 through May 16, 2022

I’m taking a short break. It will involve a long walk. I’ll tell you more when our regular schedule resumes.

Audubon Park Oak Trees

Growth Opportunities

“To correct is incorrect.” Instead of correcting, Feldenkrais liked to provide experiences, ask questions and leave space for curiosity and discovery.

Winecups budding out

It’s the Little Things

Little things—a smile, a helping hand, patience, forbearance, a pause—can make a big difference. The difference might be for someone else, or it might even be for ourselves.

Parsley Hawthorn Blossoms

Spring Green

Keep on going places, keep on looking, keep on being curious. I hope you’re going for it, and finding fun, pleasure and grace along the way.