Stress Mess: A stress less podcast

Stress Less

How are you handling stress? Listen in on my conversation with Samantha Elizabeth for some fresh ideas for managing stress more easily.

Boy in car

Bumper Cars

This year feels like bumper cars. We can get in the car and go, but probably not as far. And when we get “there,” we can’t do things the way we used to.

Drawing of coffee mug

Practice Towards Mastery

I’ve been running a little experiment lately. After reading about mastery and taking a couple of drawing classes, I still don’t like the way I draw. Reading about mastery did nothing for my drawing, but it did encourage practicing. So, I’ve been practicing.

Colorful felt art with threads

Seeking Clarity in the Tangled Threads

As this year has unfolded, I have a new appreciation for how our lives are all intertwined, the way we touch one another, whether close or far away.

Smoky sunset

Never and Always

Brief observations on the words never and always. A poem perhaps.

Breathing room

Breathing Room

A thoughtful client recently reminded me that I’d told her that it’s nearly impossible to feel negative emotions and breathe deeply at the same time. I love my clients. We learn so much from one another.

Bright and shiny objects

Bright and Shiny Objects

Got something really important to do, but you’re not sure where to start? You can distract yourself with bright and shiny objects—bright ideas and shiny enthusiasm for something that’s easier, simpler, and probably not as important as what you’re avoiding.

Yellow poplar—change happens.

Tools for Transformation: An Introduction

Tools for Transformation is a series of posts about improving your life, about using yourself, your community, and your resources to make a difference, to add meaning and grace, to explore new territory, and to have more fun. We’ll start with noticing. It’s the first step in initiating or responding to change.

Best foot forward

When Your Friends Are Right

Who in your life has confidence that’s greater than your doubt? Who loves you enough to tell you when you’re holding back? Find those people and thank them. And be that kind of friend or mentor in someone else’s life.

Rabbit trail

Rabbit Trails: Thinking About Not Worrying About Money

Thinking about money leads one down some “rabbit trails” of imagination. What would you do if the money were taken care of? What would you leave behind? What would be different?