Bride, father, and flower girl walking down the aisle

Sewing Project Completed

The weather was perfect, the setting was beautiful, and the gathering of friends and family was beyond heartwarming. I don’t have enough words!

Gika pressing her sewing project

Looming Deadline

The looming deadline is fast approaching, and today got away from me.The sewing project is coming along nicely, especially with a little help from some of my favorite people.

Sewing table with scissors, pin cushion, tape measure and fabric

Special Project

The figuring out is based on previous expertise, a fair amount of research (online searches, videos, books, knowledgeable friends), and lots of thinking things through.


Breathing Well

From the time we were born, air comes in and air goes out. Under special circumstances, we might need some assistance with the process. But mostly, air comes in and air goes out.