Tablet weaving on an Inkle loom

To Do or Be—or Why?

I recently took a class in how to make handwoven shoe laces. I could tell you it’s because I’d always been a bit curious about tablet weaving. Or that I’d heard this instructor was really good.

View from front porch on a rainy day.

Quiet Storms

When our self image changes, what we do—and think and feel—also changes. Making these changes, weathering these storms, is usually much better when we have some sort of assistance.

Pink banana blossom, with leaves in the background

Simple Gifts

Some as simple as the blossom on a banana plant. I’d never noticed before that part of the blossom is shaped like a banana.

Brass bowls and candles in a cave

Listen to…

Today might be just the perfect time to slow down and listen—listen to whatever calls itself to your attention. Listen to what you feel.