Not Quite Perfection

Dear Reader,

I’m a perfectionist at heart. I’d like for things to work out perfectly. As you might expect, it doesn’t really work that way.

Today, I was helping my granddaughters sew. I give them needles and thread, safety scissors and fabric. They make stitches until they run out of thread. I thread another needle and hand it over. One of them is also interested in knitting. She’s catching on, but needs help periodically.

As they go along and develop more skills, they get a little pickier about their results. So, it gets more interesting to figure out how to guide them toward getting closer to the products they’re looking for. And it’s even more interesting to help them navigate their frustrations. This is also known as asking them not to whine, to find a nicer way to ask for what they want.

Also interesting is how much I learn along the way. Thinking about my own frustrations with not always getting the results I want. The girls can switch quickly from frustration to happily singing, or coming up with interesting solutions and diversions. I’m clearly not perfect at any of this, but I can certainly learn a lot from six and eight year olds.

Not the least of these lessons is appreciating the small things. A heart shaped button that becomes a doll’s necklace. A second attempt at drawing the shape of a dress. Delight when the children’s librarian helps you find precisely the book you were looking for—even when you can only describe the color of the cover and the girl with long blond hair.

Here in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. Wherever you are, I hope you find much to appreciate, and good folks with whom to celebrate.

Leading up to Thanksgiving Day, we’ll have our usual Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson It’s still free/pay as you wish.

As we get closer to the end of the year, you might find yourself reflecting on where you are, what’s working and what’s not, what you might like to change. If you’re feeling stuck, or would like some help getting greater clarity, perhaps you’d like to consider coaching. You can schedule a free consult, Book an Appointment or reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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