Buttons Galore

Dear Reader,

Buttons, buttons, buttons. I’ve got more buttons than I could begin to count. I also have quite a bit of fabric, yarn and fiber—not to mention tools to go with all that “fiber” stuff.

So, the other day, I decided to start getting that stash better organized. I started with the buttons. It seems like a silly choice. They’re really small and don’t take up much space. Perhaps it would be better to organize bigger stuff. Nonetheless, I started with the buttons. They’re small and easy to spread out. Some of them are really pretty, and I found a handful of nice acrylic containers that show off the shiny, fancy ones. Others are relatively mundane, but might be handy for particular projects.

It’s hard to know what it is about this project, but it’s been rather satisfying. It’s not complete, but so far it’s been quite enjoyable. I found buttons I’d forgotten about. And I’m delighted to find that there are so many interesting, colorful, fancy ones.

So many things are like what we do in Feldenkrais. Start with small. Start with easy. Start with fun.

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving here in the US. And I’d like to say that I’m thankful for all these buttons. I can’t see how I’d ever use all of them, but they sure are delightful to play with. And they remind me of my mother and my aunt, both of whom were amazing seamstresses.

I hope you have some great things to play with, and even more things to appreciate.

As usual, we’ll have our online, midday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson this Tuesday. By the way, we’ll have class next week also (Thanksgiving week).

Have all the fun you can!

Assorted white buttons
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