Stream and mossy rocks at Joyce Kilmer Forest

Steep Curve Ahead

Most of us move as if the shoulder blade was locked onto the ribs or spine. Actually, it can slide up and down and left and right, more or less gliding along the ribs of the upper back.

Circuitous Pathways

It’s a beautiful, interesting yarn, but from looking at it, you’d never guess all the twists and turns that went into the making of it.

Colorful building blocks

Finding Leverage

Have you noticed recently how heavy your head is? If you’re lying down, how much effort is it to come up to sitting or standing?

Muslin scraps in front of a sewing machine.

Getting It Right—Or Close Enough

Sometimes, in Awareness Through Movement lessons, Moshe Feldenrkais would encourage his students to do the movement poorly. Don’t even try to do it well. It’s an interesting strategy.