Marilyn and her dog Bluebell

May Her Memory Be for a Blessing

She had that amazing quality of making people feel special. Whatever she was doing, she found ways to enjoy, and perhaps more importantly, to share love and joy with those around her.

Five-year-old girl climbing a rock wall.

Going to Camp

When I read the part about bringing a sleeping bag or sheets to fit a twin-sized bed, I wondered, “What was I thinking?”

Woman turning her head to look at her hand

Pain Is Complicated

I’m more and more convinced of the importance of movement. Moving all the parts of ourselves. Moving in little ways and big ways, easily and gently, quickly and powerfully.

Materials for drafting a sewing pattern—paper, pencil, eraser,...


I have a little sewing project going. The first step is making a moulage—creating a paper pattern that closely follows a person’s measurements. Which means that the beginning phase of this sewing project is actually pattern drafting.

Younce Creek in the winter.

All Over Again

I always think I’m going to procrastinate less this year. And get more done. And somehow be more perfecter.