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Dear Reader,

This afternoon, I asked my client to listen to how a particular movement felt. I think it was bringing an elbow toward a knee, or perhaps it was listen to the sternum.

She paused. “What do you mean, listen to…?” It was hard to explain. There’s something that feels right when I say, “Listen to how such and such feels as you do this movement.” Before I could explain myself into a corner, she said something about a podcast. Perhaps it was the first episode of Radio Lab. They talked about sound being a touch. When the sound waves reach your body, the sensation is through touch.

So, we can listen to music; we can listen to the birds; to one another; and to ourselves. Today might be just the perfect time to slow down and listen—listen to whatever calls itself to your attention. Listen to what you feel.

May the listening bring peace and healing, perhaps even joy.

And if you’d like to hear me ask you to listen to your body, here are some opportunities:

Many of you will have noticed that I’m talking a lot about ribs lately. The ribs, the sternum, and the collar bones can move more than we realize. And when they do, so many things—such as breathing!—become a lot easier. So, on Saturday afternoon, October 28, I’m offering a mini Feldenkrais retreat at the Jung Center of Houston, focusing on finding greater freedom in the ribs. Unlocking the Rib Cage: Opening the Heart

And, of course, our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes will also create opportunities to breathe and move more easily.

For some folks, it’s especially nice to work one to one. If that interests you, please Book an Appointment or reply to this email to get started.

Have all the fun you can!

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