Simple Gifts

Dear Reader,

Sometimes the simplest, nicest gifts come from Mother Nature. My mother-in-law used to comment that God and Mother Nature do good work. Aren’t we lucky to have so many beautiful things in our world? Some as simple as the blossom on a banana plant. I’d never noticed before that part of the blossom is shaped like a banana. Which reminds me that it might be a really good idea to spend more time outdoors admiring the handiwork of God and Mother Nature. Or maybe I’ll do that once we get some cooler weather. (I think I may have mentioned that it’s been a long, long, hot summer here in Texas.)

This morning, at the crack of dawn, the temps were down in the 60s, so we’re seeing indications of changes in the air.

In the meantime,…

Many of you will have noticed that I’m talking a lot about ribs lately. The ribs, the sternum, and the collar bones can move more than we realize. And when they do, so many things—such as breathing!—become a lot easier. So, on Saturday afternoon, October 28, I’m offering a mini Feldenkrais retreat at the Jung Center of Houston, focusing on finding greater freedom in the ribs. Unlocking the Rib Cage: Opening the Heart

And, of course, our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes will also create opportunities to breathe and move more easily.

For some folks, it’s especially nice to work one to one. If that interests you, please Book an Appointment or reply to this email to get started.

I hope you find some beautiful gifts from God and Mother Nature wherever you happen to be. Have all the fun you can!

Pink banana blossom, with leaves in the background
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