Finding Leverage

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It’s just physics, right? Leverage, fulcrums, gravity, momentum. Watching a toddler stack up blocks until they topple over—maybe the kid, or maybe the blocks tumble first—you can see the lessons in practical physics. Thankfully, we don’t need mathematical equations to figure out the logistics of these properties.

We do, however, tend to forget how it all works. Have you noticed recently how heavy your head is? If you’re lying down, how much effort is it to come up to sitting or standing? How long can you sit or stand, before you get tired of keeping your head up? Is it easy to lose your balance?

Among other things, Moshe Feldenkrais brought his experience as a physicist and mechanical engineer to the Feldenkrais Method. In so many elegant—and sometimes sneaky—ways, he shows how to move more easily. During the lessons, it may not be obvious that it’s all about physics. As I keep saying, it feels more like magic. Somehow, something that was difficult, suddenly feels lighter and easier. And the learning is probably easier than you might expect.

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And, as usual, you’re welcome to attend our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. It’s Free Pay As You Wish.

Have all the fun you can!

Colorful building blocks
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