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Chris Thiele, Bela Fleck, and 10 other musicians on stage.


Their hands were moving almost like hummingbird wings. So fast! But they didn’t go far—just up and down within a range of a few inches.
Bundles of wool roving

Advent Wool

The picture was on paper that was translucent, so the calendar was hung in a window to let the light through. It was simple and beautiful, and we were always eager to see what today’s picture would be.
Open road with a question mark at the horizon.

Changing My Mind

What would you like to change? Are there any big—or little—assumptions and shenanigans that are getting in your way?
Colorful wool fibers, laid out, wet and ready to felt.

Just for Yourself

Clearly, there’s nothing wrong in making things for other people. It’s considerate, generous and usually welcomed. Occasionally, it’s none of those things.
Couple dancing

Mama’s Birthday

Her yard work included herbs and a few veggies (the BEST homegrown tomatoes), camellias, a peach tree, a two-color dogwood tree, and best of all, “talking to her weeds.”
Man wrapping wool around a ball to make felt

Teaching and Learning

One of my teachers pointed out to me that I don’t know what I don’t know. Duh. That didn’t seem like useful information. What are you supposed to do with that kind of comment?
Carolina mountains with trees in foreground

What Can We Set Down?

There is no reaching perfection and we can’t fix all the problems, no matter how hard we try.
Blue Hand-knit socks in process

One Stitch at a Time

It's so complicated. All those needles. But there’s a secret.
Cascading waterfall in the fall

Make Me Smile

It’s always nice to encounter people, things, experiences that make you smile. Especially when they catch you off guard.
Girl doing a victory pose at the bottom of a hill

Up the Hill

When I was a kid, I thought adults had it all figured out. Even now, I look to older adults to see if they’ve figured out the things I’m puzzling over.
Carolina mountains with trees in foreground

Coming and Going

What do you do to breathe a little deeper? Do you have to get away, or can you find some moments at home that provide a sense of restoration?
Driver Friendly band on stage

Going Places

This could be a nice time to reflect on resolving old “stuff” and looking toward new beginnings.