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Beth and Larry

Friends and Mentors

They helped me to see myself and the world in new ways.

Taking Time

I’ve heard that if you want to slow down time, learn something new. I invite you to join me in learning something new about yourself.
Japanese magnolia against cloudy sky

Looking Up

If we loosen up our necks, could our whole perspective on life change?
Multiple 4-leaf clovers

Ordinary Moves

How do we see ourselves on ordinary—and not so ordinary—days?
Open Road In New Mexico

Following My Curiosity

Someone asked me recently how I got into this Feldenkrais work. A friend said she had a friend who did this thing that I might like. I wonder how she knew!
Skeletal view of woman's head in profile

Learning Fun

I’ve been learning a lot, and I’m eager to share with y’all. I’d also love to hear about what you’ve been learning and noticing.
girl with embroidery

Begin Again

I wondered if I might come up with some brilliant new format for offering these lessons, but that never happened. So, we’ll just begin again.

Staying in Touch

We can move our bodies this way and that, getting in touch with something deep inside ourselves—our bones, our muscles, our feelings—and discover new ways of moving in the world.
Sock knitting in progress

Pausing and Knitting

I’m using what I teach—and trying to remember to practice what I preach.
A cabin in the woods

Starting Slowly

I loved listening to the creek. I guess it spoke to something deep inside me, because now I go back as often as I can and listen some more.
Sunset on the way to Buda, TX

Winter Road Trips

My wish for you is that the contrast between light and dark, joy and sorrow, sadness and delight, enriches your experience. I hope that when you light a candle, connect with a friend or loved one, that the light, joy and delight shine ever more brightly.
Little girls and window stars

Winter Light

Find delightful ways to let the light in. Physical and metaphorical ways. Enjoy the late afternoon sun dancing in the trees; light a candle—or two or three: look for beauty somewhere close by; and look for the light in someone else’s eyes. As my father-in-law said, “It’ll do you good and help you too.”