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Oven Mitts made with Rubik's Cube fabric

Useful Things

Little things, y’all, can make a big difference.
Outline of a red heart

Pay Attention

Bring our whole self to the movement, the activity, the moment. What might be possible with this idea of paying attention with the whole self?
Sleeping sisters

Looking for Normal

I hope that no matter what else is going on in your life, that you get to experience some comforting normal.
Swan Nest on Thames

Walk More, Type Less

In less than two weeks, I walked over 100 miles.
Walking in sneakers on a dirt path.

Taking a Little Break

More walking, less typing.
Athletes on high road, pedestrians along lower road.

Athletes Take the High Road

We can learn a lot from going outside our comfort zones. We can also learn a lot—as we do in Feldenkrais lessons—from staying well within the easy zones.
Audubon Park Oak Trees

Growth Opportunities

“To correct is incorrect.” Instead of correcting, Feldenkrais liked to provide experiences, ask questions and leave space for curiosity and discovery.
Winecups budding out

It’s the Little Things

Little things—a smile, a helping hand, patience, forbearance, a pause—can make a big difference. The difference might be for someone else, or it might even be for ourselves.
Parsley Hawthorn Blossoms

Spring Green

Keep on going places, keep on looking, keep on being curious. I hope you’re going for it, and finding fun, pleasure and grace along the way.
Bumper cars in front of a roller coaster

Bumper Cars

Sometimes life feels like bumper cars in a way that’s not so fun. You go forward, expecting to meet with success, and you just run into another bumper.
Butterfly on Crimson Clover

More Is More

It’s a nice time to open up—move a little more, lift our eyes, lift our hearts, connect with ourselves and others.
A spiral representation of the number Pi.

Happy Pi Day!

We can keep on saying more and more about life, but there’s always a bit more that we can’t quite define or even describe.