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Origami eight-pointed star with multi-colored paper.

Not So Many Words

When it became obvious that it wasn’t so simple for us, she broke it down into simpler steps and quietly showed us how to proceed.
Sketch of rib case, including clavicles and humerus bones

So Much to Learn

It’s fun to get a glimpse of what you didn’t know that you didn’t know. So, if you can’t find me elsewhere, I’ll have my nose in some anatomy books.
Pink rain lilies

Pink Surprise

They pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, within days of rainfall. They’re a sweet surprise and cheerful too.
Smiley faces


How lucky am I that I get to spend time, in person or online, with so many interesting, kind and generous folks?
Close-up of small blue flower, with broad green leaf.

And Rest

Do something different. Rest before you’re exhausted. Let your nervous system absorb all that new information.

Getting Unstuck

When I was a kid, I already had the idea that people should be able to follow their hearts, to do the things that really mattered to them. For many of us, some of those dreams get buried.
Blank text and to-do list

Starting Again

A question came across my screen this morning, “What would you do if you had nothing on your calendar today?”
Portion of an artist's studio.


Many, many objects saved because they looked interesting, and then years later, wouldn’t they work nicely with this new thingamajig that was left behind by contractors?
Scimitar Oryx grazing under oak trees at Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Change of Scenery

Unlike most of us when we want to buy property, he looked for the worst he could find.
Egret flying away from a tree, against a blue sky.

I Have a Question for You

There’s something quite nice about getting away, sharing time with folks who have at least one point of common interest, and perhaps learning something new.
Silk yarn, fabric and lace.

Why Not Now?

Why not do the things we’ve been yearning to do? Why not follow what Feldenkrais called our “unavowed dreams”?

Because Art Matters

Whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not, I can gaurantee that you exercise creativity in what you do.