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Handmade felt with beads and stitching

Studio Time

We spent just a few minutes in her studio, and it was magical.

Grown Up?

Ever considered the possibility of having a problem free life? Most people think that would be boring. I’m not so sure.
Front porch on a rainy day

Changing Seasons

Many of us are responding to something different in the air. And I don’t think we like it. We’re feeling stressed and we can’t quite put our fingers on why that is.
Turkish spindle above stone path

Idle Hands

A step above walking and chewing gum.
person lying in a hammock

Lazy Bones

We clearly get a lot of mixed messages about laziness.
Girl with dressed mannequin

Aiming for Perfection

It’s nice to see through children’s eyes.

Learning and Time

Does time slow down when you're learning something new?
Banana plant with flowers and fruit


Like the butterfly, we can't go back to our former state.
Man walking along the Thames Path

One Foot in Front of the Other

Walking—it's complex, amazing and magical.
Large loom!

Hold on Tight

The best thing about starting with easy, is that it feels easier to keep going.
Creek surrounded by greenery

So Many Shades of Green

You can hear the creek long before you can see it.
Broad-winged Hawk on Porch Railing


We had a brief, but “in real life” visit from a broad-winged hawk.