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Quilting fabrics, pins, measuring tape and scissors

Stop and Start

There are people—perhaps you’re one of them—who have an idea, gather the materials, and go for it. They don’t have to be an expert; they don’t have to determine the perfect approach; they just get in there and do it. I admire those who can jump right in.
Pedestrian bridge at John Fairey Garden

Off to a Slow Start

This might be a good time to remind y’all—and me—that January 1 is just another day. January 8 is also just another day. Another day to breathe, move, appreciate.
Felt Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Wishing you and yours all things Merry and Bright!
Christmas tree with lights, red candles and handblown glass balls

Being Early

After that we had to sing a Christmas carol - maybe it was Silent Night. Not such a good idea, because most of us couldn’t carry a tune.
Shabbat candles and Challah

Light and Dark

There’s a Feldenkrais lesson that has “Havdalah blessing” in the title. Oddly enough, it’s a lesson focused on moving the legs in a particular way.
Mountain and river in winter

Listening for Silence

If you find yourself feeling out of sorts, could it be related to feeling torn between our culture’s seasonal demands, and nature’s seasonal invitations?
Drawing of two Texas Women weaving

Really a Weaver?

It may or may not have taken some moments to figure out where I was in the process, but I figured it out and did some weaving.
Small child's hands with pin cushion

Not Quite Perfection

It’s even more interesting to help them navigate their frustrations. This is also known as asking them not to whine, to find a nicer way to ask for what they want.
Assorted white buttons

Buttons Galore

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving here in the US. And I’d like to say that I’m thankful for all these buttons. I can’t see how I’d ever use all of them, but they sure are fun to play with.
Sewing machine error icon

Simple Solutions

Sometimes it’s an easy fix: change a setting, switch to a different presser foot, rethread the machine. Other times it’s a total mystery. What did I do wrong this time?
Dia de los Muertos dancing skeletons

To Grieve and To Celebrate

Our grief might never go away completely, but there comes a time when we can celebrate what we’ve loved, even after it’s gone. Celebrations of what we loved about them, how they touched our lives, how we’re different—different-better—because of them.
Venus and Mercury from space

Go Big—But Start Small

When we find the easy way, and explore that a few times, our safety zone expands, sometimes even beyond what we thought we could do by pushing ourselves. Oddly enough, this small, seemingly slow approach usually gets bigger, better results and faster.