Starting Again

Dear Reader,

A question came across my screen this morning, “What would you do if you had nothing on your calendar today?” Well, I’d sew and knit, read and perhaps take a nap. Now, late in the day, after addressing today’s calendar items, I’m thinking it’s surely time to start up on my projects again.

It’s also time to start up our Tuesday online Feldenrkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons.> As we get going again, I’m thinking about working from the center out.. What if it was easy to start from the center and move easily in any direction? Some simple, basic moves that magically improve all our movements—making it easier to do the fun things that we consider when the calendar is empty.

Speaking of calendars, I’ve scheduled some classes at the Jung Center of Houston this July. A felt making class and two Feldenkrais classes (one in person and one online.) See the links below:

Unlocking the Neck and Shoulders—Feldenkrais for a Head Held High (in Person)

Unlocking the Neck and Shoulders—Feldenkrais for a Head Held High (Online)

Tiny Felt Vessels

I hope you find some empty spaces on your calendar, and, of course, have all the fun you can.

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