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Someone recently asked me which of my three areas of work—Feldenkrais, coaching, felt-making—has the most pull for me. Partly because I always like to have options and variety, I didn’t have a definitive answer. On the surface, I’ve spent more time and energy on Feldenkrais lately. But what I’ve noticed is that there’s a big overlap in what people learn through Feldenkrais and what emerges in coaching, or even in felt making.

Each of these modalities help people get unstuck. With Feldenkrais the focus is on movement—perhaps getting a knee or hip or low back moving more easily, or standing taller or improving balance. No matter what part of the body gains mobility, the lessons lead to an expanded self-knowledge.

In coaching, we clarify what it is that someone wants, and explore pathways toward fulfilling that vision. Again, the process leads to an expanded self-knowledge.

With felt-making, people have unexpected amounts of fun transforming bits of wool into something useful or beautiful or both. And along the way, they usually find a surprising level of creativity.

The through line, or common thread, is expanding and refining our self image, making it possible to do more of what we really want, and less of what we don’t want—getting unstuck.

When I was a kid, I already had the idea that people should be able to follow their hearts, to do the things that really mattered to them. For many of us, some of those dreams get buried. I’d never heard of Feldenkrais or life coaching or felt making, so imagine how lucky I feel to have found all three, to help others find their own through line, to follow their own dreams.

Whatever you’re exploring, have all the fun you can.

If you’d like to join me along the way, here are some possibilities.

Our ongoing, online Tuesday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class is still free pay as you wish. By the way, the participants are some of the nicest people you could meet.

The following are classes presented through the Jung Center of Houston:

Unlocking the Neck and Shoulders—Feldenkrais for a Head Held High (in Person)

Unlocking the Neck and Shoulders—Feldenkrais for a Head Held High (Online)

Tiny Felt Vessels

If you’d like to work with me individually, or just ask some questions, you’re welcome to Book an Appointment or reply to this email.

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