Dear Reader,

I spent some time with one of my favorite artists last week. We ate together, visited with other friends, went a few places, and talked. And talked and talked.

Especially nice, we spent time in her studio. Surrounded by some of her work, and lots and lots of tools and materials for making art. Traditional art making materials like brushes and paints, but also odd bits and pieces that caught her eye, things that might be interesting to transform into something new and different.

I came away inspired and somewhat in awe. So many ideas, and so much curiosity. Many, many objects saved because they looked interesting, and then years later, wouldn’t they work nicely with this new thingamajig that was left behind by contractors? Or what would happen if they were combined with this other thing over here—and maybe a little paint inspired by that photo over there?

Maybe curiosity is the mother of invention. What would happen if…?

When we get curious, new things can happen. Unexpected things. Interesting things. Perhaps even something fun or beautiful.

If you’re curious about movement, please consider joining me for our weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class. We resume next Tuesday, May 30, at 11:30 am (Central Time.) You can also Book an Appointment for an individual session.

And, of course, have all the fun you can.

Portion of an artist's studio.
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