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Dear Reader,

Making stuff is high on my list of things to do. Sometimes I make things that are intricate and refined, but what I’ve made lately has mostly been ordinary, useful objects. The fun comes in making them just a little different—specifically designed for a particular person. Not as fancy as bespoke, but definitely made with someone special in mind.

This weekend, I made a pair of oven mitts for my daughter. I could have bought oven mitts. They’re not expensive or hard to find. But, I had recently found a Rubik’s cubes fabric. This particular daughter has been playing with Rubik’s cubes since forever. So, when I found the fabric, it made sense to make something for her. And it was fun to create something useful, just for her, with a detail that made it obvious that I was thinking of her.

Little things, y’all, can make a big difference. A moment to make something fancy—or fun—for someone you love. A moment to create an ordinary object, but make it a bit more than ordinary. A moment to acknowledge how you feel about a particular someone.

I hope you’re finding some moments to do some little something, make something, have some fun, move a little.

I’m attending a family reunion next week, so no classes or private session from June 27 through July 4.

Oven Mitts made with Rubik's Cube fabric
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