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In-person visits really are special. Obviously, we can connect on zoom or over the phone, or even through old fashioned letter writing. There’s something different and important about in person connections. This weekend we had a brief, but “in real life” visit from a broad-winged hawk. It flew by and landed on our porch railing—stayed long enough for me to get a picture, turned around and eyed my little pond, and not much later it was gone. Even through a window, there was something engaging about seeing it close up and in person.

Today, I visited—in person—a dear friend. I don’t get to see this person as often as I’d like. We had lunch together, chatted, and even did a little Feldenkrais. We didn’t solve all the problems of the world, or even all of our individual problems, or do anything exciting. But I came away feeling better, richer, happier.

What are the connections that enrich your life? How do you make opportunities for those experiences? Do you include time alone to reconnect with your own self?

Even when it’s not in person, I’m surprised and delighted by how rich the experience of Feldenkrais lessons can be. I remember being surprised the first time I taught a class on zoom, by how clearly one could feel the ambience change as we settled into the lesson.

Please join me to experience this for yourself. Our Tuesday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are free/pay as you wish.

And, speaking of in-person visits, I’m attending a family reunion, reconnecting with some folks I haven’t seen in a few years. So, we won’t have any classes or private sessions from June 27 through July 4. Classes and private sessions will resume on Tuesday, July 5.

And, by the way, a big thank you to those of you who attend my Feldenkrais class at the Jung Center of Houston. What fun it was to be there teaching in person!

Broad-winged Hawk on Porch Railing
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