Staying Warm

Dear Reader,

For many of you, our Texas winter would be considered mild. For me, it’s an opportunity to bundle up. I get out my hand knit socks and scarves, and sometimes my down coat. I even started knitting a nice wool sweater for my daughter’s cat. He’s a Cornish Rex, so he doesn’t have much fur to keep himself warm.

Oddly enough when I do hands-on Feldenkrais lessons with clients, my hands warm up and I start shedding some of my extra layers.

Winter. It’s a nice time to do what feels cozy and comforting. It’s especially nice if you get to share that cozy time with family and friends.

If we pay attention to the shorter days, it’s also a nice time to slow down and keep it simple. I’ve been thinking about that as I offer lessons. Keep it simple, allow time to rest, and breathe a little deeper.

Here’s what’s coming up on my events calendar:

Almost every Tuesday of the year, we have our Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, and it’s still Free/Pay as You Wish.

February is not so very far away, and if you’re here in the area, I hope you’ll consider joining me to make Felt Hearts at the Jung Center of Houston. We’ll make at least two or three felt hearts—without much stopping and starting—on Saturday afternoon, February 3.

On Saturday afternoon, March 16, you can join me at the Jung Center of Houston for Reaching Out: a Feldenkrais Mini-Retreat. As usual, we’ll go at an easy, gentle pace, with pauses along the way. Perhaps you can see why I like this Feldenkrais Method.

As usual, if you’d like to work with me privately—Feldenkrais, coaching, or felt making—you can reply to this email or Book an Appointment and we’ll set something up.

I’d love to see you soon, either online or in person. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy sweater weather.

Have all the fun you can!

Hand knit silk fabric - blues and greens
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