Stop and Start

Dear Reader,

Sometimes I wish I was more orderly and disciplined. Take a project step by step until it’s finished. Nope. I think about it; look at the available materials; wonder if I have enough; wonder if this is the best use of these materials; go away and do something else for a while. Eventually, I come back to the project itself—unless, of course, I’ve completely distracted myself and I’m off on a different tangent.

Today is one of those stop and start days. It’s a winter day—actually below freezing here in south Texas—and it’s a good day to stay indoors. So, I’ve bounced from my usual morning routine, to tidying up, to contemplating my sewing project, to checking the internet, etc. You get the idea.

There are people—perhaps you’re one of them—who have an idea, gather the materials, and go for it. They don’t have to be an expert; they don’t have to determine the perfect approach; they just get in there and do it. I admire those who can jump right in. I even wonder if there’s something wrong with me that means I just can’t seem to do that.

Lately, I’m thinking my approach is just my approach. One of the nice things about being on the planet for a while, is that I’ve had time to figure out that there are advantages and disadvantages to how any of us do anything. It doesn’t make us right or wrong. We’re just human and not quite perfect.

Here’s the point that I’m meandering towards:

Once I know what I’m doing, I can do what I want. Moshe Feldenkrais said so, by the way. When I know that I like to start and stop and start and stop, I can allow for that. I can do a little here and a little there, and then circle back around. And when I’m ready, I can even just go for it. Imagine that.

So, here it is mid-January, and we’re in the middle of starting up again. Tomorrow will be our second online lesson of the year. Almost every Tuesday of the year, we have our Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, and it’s still Free/Pay as You Wish.

February is not so very far away, and if you’re here in the area, I hope you’ll consider joining me to make Felt Hearts at the Jung Center of Houston. We’ll make at least two or three felt hearts—without much stopping and starting—on Saturday afternoon, February 3.

On Saturday afternoon, March 16, you can join me at the Jung Center of Houston for Reaching Out: a Feldenkrais Mini-Retreat. As usual, we’ll go at an easy, gentle pace, with pauses along the way. Perhaps you can see why I like this Feldenkrais Method.

As usual, if you’d like to work with me privately—Feldenkrais, coaching, or felt making—you can reply to this email or Book an Appointment and we’ll set something up.

I’d love to see you soon, either online or in person. In the meantime, I’m going back to the drawing board. It’s time to start up again on one of those projects.

Whether you’re contemplating or jumping right in, have all the fun you can!

Quilting fabrics, pins, measuring tape and scissors
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