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Dear Reader,

Y’all know that I like to make stuff. And to learn new things. Imagine my delight when my good friend, Marie Selarque, was here in Texas for a bit and taught a bookbinding workshop! Not only did I learn something new about bookbinding, but I also learned a bit more about how I learn and how I do things.

As much as I emphasize “slow and gentle” when I teach Feldenkrais, it was surprising to see how much force I’m inclined to use when I cut paper or cardboard. Marie patiently reminded me—more than once—to go gently. It actually works much better to make lots of gentle passes with the utility knife than to make fewer, strong strokes. Go figure.

It was also lovely to appreciate that I could learn and improve, without striving for perfection. That’s something I’ve been considering a lot lately.

Steeped in T-Touch and Feldenkrais, Marie is soft-spoken and firm, gentle and clear. She works a lot with dogs and their people—encouraging the people to go more gently and slowly, using body language and respecting the dogs’ needs and interests. You can find her at Pro-Dog Hawaii. If you’re lucky, you might even persuade her to teach you how to make a book.

If you’re here in the Houston area and would like to make some felt, consider joining me at the Jung Center of Houston this Saturday afternoon, February 3, for Felt Hearts. Fun, easy, no experience or talent required.

Our ongoing, online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson is on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. Central Time (US and Canada). Still Free/Pay as You Wish.

Again, in person at the Jung Center, a Feldenkrais mini-retreat, Reaching Out will be on Saturday afternoon, March 16.

If you’d like some coaching or private Feldenkrais lessons, you can Book an Appointment, or reply to this email.

Have all the fun you can!

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