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Dear Reader,

Here’s a challenge: every day, spend 25 minutes creating something just for yourself. My friend, Ann, told me about this challenge issued last week by Claire Campbell at Creative Mornings Austin. It seems that the most important element of this challenge is the phrase, just for yourself.

When I heard the challenge, I thought about how often I make things just for myself, and was busy patting myself on the back—for a moment. Maybe that’s not quite how it really is. Often, I discover something interesting to make, and then justify the effort by making it for someone else.

Clearly, there’s nothing wrong in making things for other people. It’s considerate, generous and usually welcomed. Occasionally, it’s none of those things, but that’s another story.

What makes creating something just for yourself so important is the freedom to be really creative. To play with making. To have fun. To risk failure. To be playful. And maybe, just maybe, if we try that for 25 minutes a day, some of the fun and freedom could spread to other times in our days. I like that idea.

Quick notes: yes we are offering our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson this week. And if you want to have a fun, in-person, group experience of creating something just for yourself, join me at the Jung Center of Houston on Saturday, December 3 for Introduction to the Magic of Felt Making

On another note, as we enter this season of giving thanks, please know that I’m so appreciative of y’all. Thanks for letting me into your inbox. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have all the fun you can! Happy creating!

Colorful wool fibers, laid out, wet and ready to felt.
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