Changing My Mind

Dear Reader,

What might happen if I changed my mind? After repeatedly hearing me discuss—perhaps even whine—about a particular situation, my friend suggested the possibility that I could completely transform that situation, change it on a dime. Actually, she didn’t even suggest it as a vague possibility. She was adamant that it was possible. Really? Yes, and it could happen quickly!

And the main ingredient for initiating the change? Changing my mind. Paying attention to the underlying assumptions and mental shenanigans that kept me stuck. All those assumptions and shenanigans started out with perfectly reasonable and practical intentions. But somewhere along the way, they became outdated and unnecessary. Hmm.

So, I’ve been considering the possibility of changing my mind. (I’m clearly not a quick change artist.) Changing my mind about what’s absolute/what I have to do/what I need to do/what’s possible. Asking myself new questions. What assumptions and attitudes served me in the past? And do they still serve? Maybe yes; maybe no; maybe sometimes.

And the best question: what might happen if…?

What would you like to change? Are there any big—or little—assumptions and shenanigans that are getting in your way?

If you’re feeling stuck and would like to further this conversation, perhaps I can help. You can book an appointment for a private session or a free consultation or join me for our weekly online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson.

Or if you just want to play, join me for an in-person Introduction to the Magic of Felt-Making workshop at the Jung Center of Houston. It’s this coming Saturday, so please register soon.

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