Mama’s Birthday

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was my mama’s birthday. She’s been gone for a long time, and of course, I still miss her. I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a conversation with her now. She was a good ten years younger than I am now when she passed away. As I move through new stages of life, I wonder what she’d have to say about all kinds of things: family dynamics, politics, gardening, Feldenkrais.

I know she would love watching my kids and grandkids. I suspect she’d like Feldenkrais, but perhaps wonder what it was really about. I’m pretty sure I know what she’d think about my gardening ideas and priorities—they are so clearly rooted (sorry about the pun) in her own role modeling. Her yard work included herbs and a few veggies (the BEST homegrown tomatoes), camellias, a peach tree, a two-color dogwood tree, and best of all, “talking to her weeds.”

When I was growing up, she was pretty strict, and there was clearly a right way to do the things that needed to be done. In retrospect, I realize that she was also fun-loving, mischievous, creative and courageous. And I know that I have been blessed by her presence, her love and guidance, and her own joie de vivre.

Who has been a blessing and a guiding presence in your life? What would you ask if you could have a new conversation with them? Perhaps you can—in real life or even in your imagination.

As usual, Tuesday’s online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson is Free Pay As You Wish.

And the Introduction to the Magic of Felt Making workshop at the Jung Center of Houston will be on Saturday afternoon, December 3. I think we’ll have a ball (pun intended) playing with wool fibers.

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