Advent Wool

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When I was a kid, our relatives in Germany would send us an Advent Calendar every year. It had tiny little doors that would each open up to a little picture. The picture was on paper that was translucent, so the calendar was hung in a window to let the light through. It was simple and beautiful, and we were always eager to see what today’s picture would be. This was long enough ago, that I don’t think any of my friends had Advent calendars. It was a German thing, and not so common in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Now they’re just about everywhere. You can get them with chocolate, toys, even wine! I haven’t had an Advent calendar in years. But this year, I got the best one ever. It came in a box, but I’ve put it in a basket. It’s a collection of 25 different ten-gram balls of raw wool roving, each tied up with ribbon and a festive tag with a number on it. Each day in Advent I get to spin ten grams of a different rare breed sheep’s wool.

Before Advent began, I double checked the box the wool came in to see if there was a list of the breeds. Nope. How would I know what type of wool I was spinning? Maybe they’d send a list after Christmas.

As it turns out, at the very center of each bundle is a piece of paper with the name of the breed written on it. Can you imagine—25 different breeds of sheep! They’re all rare breeds, and so far, they each feel completely different from one another.

We live in a world of abundance. And the abundance of variety is a gift. So far, I’ve spun five of the bundles. Each one is a different color, ranging from white to black. And the texture of the wool varies from soft and fine, to coarse and wiry.

Aren’t we lucky to live in a world that offers so many different things to explore!

This is a season of anticipation, of giving and receiving. I’d love to know what you’re exploring and anticipating. Are you having any fun yet?

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With a big thank you to The Wychwood Spinner in Oxford, United Kingdom for this Advent adventure!

Bundles of wool roving
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