Why Not Now?

Dear Reader,

A weaver friend of mine was holding a skein of shiny white silk yarn, stroking it, and even holding it up to her face to feel the softness, the luxury of this precious fiber. And she mentioned that she was saving it for something special. Or perhaps for when she had acquired more skill to utilize such a fabulous resource.

I thought about my own stash of yarn, fiber and fabric. How often have I bypassed special materials, waiting until I had just the right project, or more finely honed skills, before I would dare to risk not doing them justice? Every now and then, I’ve wound the yarn and woven, cut into the fabric and sewn, or used up the yarn in a knitting project. And I’ve never regretted the project. Yet, I still pause, I still set some of the things aside, until just the right moment or project or skill set.

And sometimes I remember to ask myself, “If not now, when?” So many possibilities, so many ideas, and only so much time. So, why not go for it now? Why not do the things we’ve been yearning to do? Why not follow what Feldenkrais called our “unavowed dreams”?

What are your unavowed dreams? What might you get started on now? I hope you’ll get started, maybe even right now, and that you’ll have all the fun you can.

There’s something about personal coaching, making stuff, and Feldenkrais lessons, that opens up new possibilities, and makes it easier to get gong now. If you’d like to know more about any of these opportunities, you can Book an Appointment for a private session or a free consultation; or perhaps you’d like to join our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class.

Please note that, we won’t have class on Tuesday, May 16 or Tuesday, May 23.

Silk yarn, fabric and lace.
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