Up the Hill

Dear Reader,

We climbed the hill. My two daughters, two of my granddaughters and I climbed the hill behind this special place up in North Carolina. It’s a bit of an effort going up, and in some ways, more of an effort going down. The little ones thought it was a bit scary—what if we get lost? But they saw fall leaves, lots of holly, a turtle and a bleached out turtle shell. And, at the bottom, we had the victory pose. We did it!

My daughters have fond memories of going up that hill with their grandfather. They don’t recall being particularly scared, but Grandpa was pretty good about telling them what they could do if—what if a snake…

Adventures. What gives us the courage to venture into the unknown? To take a few risks here and there. What holds us back and what keeps us moving forward?

When I was a kid, I thought adults had it all figured out. Even now, I look to older adults to see if they’ve figured out the things I’m puzzling over. Mostly, they haven’t figured it all out. But they do have ways of moving forward, even when venturing into the unknown. I’m especially drawn to the ones who stay curious, who are interested in what others are doing, who want to keep making stuff, to keep exploring. All this, even in the face of life’s challenges and hardships.

What keeps you climbing the hill, and coming back down?

No classes or private sessions until Monday, October 17. I’m still going up and down, in the mountains of North Carolina.

Our Tuesday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement online class resumes October 18.

And if you like making stuff—or think you might like to try something new—check out my Introduction to the Magic of Felt Making at the Jung Center of Houston on Saturday, December 3. It really is a magical process.

Girl doing a victory pose at the bottom of a hill
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