Coming and Going

Dear Reader,

More coming and going. This time, friends came to us. Friends we hadn’t seen in ages. What a pleasure to see them in person, catch up on family news, and get real hugs.

Going: I’m heading out for a road trip with my middle kid. We’ll go to North Carolina for some mountain air, the sounds of my favorite creek, and maybe stop along the way for a walk on the beach. Nothing glamorous about this trip, but it seems to me that I breathe a little differently when we reach the mountains. Different, better. When I start to notice that the skyline is different, I take a deeper breath and realize how nice it is to slow down a bit.

What do you do to breathe a little deeper? Do you have to get away, or can you find some moments at home that provide a sense of restoration?

Before I go, we’ll have our usual online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class on Tuesday, October 4. Then, no classes or private session from October 5 through October 16.

Just for fun, we’ll be doing an Introduction to the Magic of Feltmaking workshop at the Jung Center of Houston on December 3. No talent or previous experience required. Just bring yourself and your curiosity.

Carolina mountains with trees in foreground
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