There’s Still Room to Reach Out

Dear Reader,

It’s only Friday, so it’s not to late to sign up and attend our in-person Feldenkrais Mini-Retreat at the Jung Center of Houston, Saturday afternoon (March 16, from 12:30 to 4:00.)

Here’s the description:

Extending our arms is an important part of everyday functioning. Reaching high to grab something, reaching out for a hug, reaching down to pick up a bag. These all seem like simple, everyday movements—until they’re not. Through simple, gentle movement sequences, we will explore ways to reach out more simply and easily, and maybe even leave being able to reach a bit farther.

And here’s the link for info and registration:

Reaching Out: A Feldenkrais Mini-Retreat

Whatever you do this weekend, have all the fun you can.

Woman on a ladder, reaching out to paint a ceiling
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