Strawberry Season

Dear Reader,

This morning we picked strawberries at a local farm. Not a bad way to start the week.

My dear friend Marilyn used to say, “Go do it while you can.” anytime I consulted her about some adventure I was considering. Except for getting my shoes muddy, picking strawberries wasn’t exactly an adventure. Fun, but not really an adventure.

Yet, being able to get up and go; to bend over and back up again; to carry a full bucket of berries—and only drop one or two—might not be something we should take for granted. For various reasons, a number of people I know are finding themselves more and more limited. A friend wouldn’t mind a boat ride over rough waters, but doesn’t want to risk the rickety gangplank getting onto the boat—doesn’t want to fall in the water. An acquaintance broke one wrist and hurt the other wrist; she can’t drive and isn’t getting out much. Others are limiting their adventures while staying close to home and serving as caregivers.

We all have limitations, some from external forces, and some self-imposed. It’s clear that we can’t always control what happens to us. What I’ve learned from coaching, Feldenkrais, and even from felt-making, is that we can make choices about how we respond. And I love helping others explore how to find more options, to improve their responses, to have more fun—and to go do what they want to while they can. For most of us, there’s still a wealth of possibilities right now, in the “while you can.”

Speaking of choices, you can work with me in person or online, individually or in groups. Here’s what’s currently available:

Our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, still Free/Pay as You Wish.

Online through the Jung Center of Houston’s Community for Conscious Aging, I’m doing a Lunch and Learn, Mini Moves Feldenkrais experience, on Wednesday March, 13 at 12:00 pm (Central Daylight Time.)

Here’s a fun way to do a bit more in-depth exploration of movement possibilities:

In person at the Jung Center, a Feldenkrais mini-retreat, Reaching Out will be on Saturday afternoon, March 16.

If you’d like some coaching or private Feldenkrais lessons, you can Book an Appointment, or reply to this email.

A bucket full of ripe strawberries
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