Virginia Sweetspire

Dear Reader,

I’m pretty sure it’s called Virginia Sweetspire. Who knows how it made its way to Texas, but here it is. And I’m glad. This particular stand has been here, between my house and my driveway, for a couple dozen years. It’s a harbinger of the new season: spring.

Spring with its intense green budding out everywhere. Spring when we get a mixture of rain and sunshine, cool days and warm days. Here in Texas, we already start to anticipate the heat of summer, but that’s not here quite yet.

It’s a nice time to finish up old projects, and begin something fresh. Among other things, for me that means doing the last few bits of two or three knitting projects—and starting to think about starting a new project soon.

Spring cleaning is kind of, sort of tempting. But maybe I’ll hold off on that for a little while. I might rather sew or knit.

I did a Feldenkrais lesson with a new client recently, and she asked why I started with the back of her knee. Hmmm. I could give technical, strategic reasons, but truthfully it just seemed like a nice place to start at that particular moment.

What are you letting go of or finishing up? Are you clearing space for new beginnings? Are you seeing signs of new growth? What might be especially nice to start at this particular moment?

Here’s what’s continuing: our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class. Except on Tuesday, April 2—I’m taking a long Easter weekend, so no class on that day.

I’m continuing to offer in-person and online private sessions for coaching and for Feldenkrais. You can Book an Appointment or contact me directly at 713-213-7643 or by replying to this email. Please note that you can book a regular session, a series of sessions, or if you want to learn more about this work, you can book a 20-minute free consult.

What’s new for in-person sessions is that I’m offering them both in The Woodlands and in Houston.

Whether you’re focused on finishing up or starting fresh, have all the fun you can.

Virginia Sweetspire in bloom
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