A Pocketful of Joy

Dear Reader,

It’s been a day. Longer, more interesting, and more ups and downs than I expected. Client appointments; visits with friends; meetings; good news and not so good news. All in a day. A single day.

it was interesting to notice my responses. Because of the pace of the day, and the pleasurable intensity of most of the interactions, I couldn’t dwell on the not so good news. I stayed engaged and interested in the conversations. I felt the feelings of disappointment or sadness, and also the pleasure of sharing ideas and doing my work.

As I listened to stories—some of them quite dramatic—I thought about surface appearances versus fuller pictures. We all got stuff, y’all. Maybe it’s a skeleton in the closet; maybe it’s grief; maybe it’s illness; maybe it’s job stress. When we look around, it seems that other people might have figured it out, learned how to do things just right, live their best, most beautiful life. But things are not always as they seem. There’s always more to the picture than meets the eye.

No matter how it looks, we all got stuff. And we all got beauty and life.

l listened to Kate Bowler’s interview with Richard Grant. Among other stories, he said that when his wife was dying, she told him and their daughter, “I know you’ll be sad, and I challenge you to find a pocketful of joy in each day.”

We all got stuff, y’all. May you find a pocketful of joy in each day.

And here’s something that brings me great joy: I can now offer private Feldenkrais sessions, not just in The Woodlands, but also in Houston! Woohoo! Please contact me directly if you’d like to schedule an appointment in Houston.

Here’s what’s coming up on my calendar:

Our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, still Free/Pay as You Wish.

Here’s a fun way to do a bit more in-depth exploration of movement possibilities:

In person at the Jung Center, a Feldenkrais mini-retreat, Reaching Out will be on Saturday afternoon, March 16.

If you’d like some coaching or private Feldenkrais lessons, you can Book an Appointment, or reply to this email.

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