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Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. This past weekend we went to Family Day at the Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve in Johnson City, Texas. Well, Johnson City is their address, but the ranch feels like it’s off in a world of its own. Back in 1969, J. David Bamberger bought about 3000 acres of ranch land in the Hill Country. Unlike most of us when we want to buy property, he looked for the worst he could find. The land was dry and inhospitable. His idea was that he would restore the land to a healthy habitat.

What a transformation! He planted native grasses and removed Ashe juniper. After many years of hard work, the land went from having no running water—and none that he could find from digging wells—to springs that produce over 4,000 gallons a day. The preserve is now a center for restoration, preservation and education.

Mr. Bamberger saw things differently, and now we can see his vision coming to life. The land is full of springs, stock ponds, wild animals, and native flowers. It’s good to know that change can and does happen. Here’s more information about Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve.

I’m heading for another change of scenery at the end of this week, so no classes or private appointments from May 12 through May 21. I’m planning to witness a graduation and a wedding, to spend some days with a long-time, dear friend, and then a weekend focused on knitting. I wonder what things will look like when I resume my “normal” routine. Perhaps I’ll even look a bit different.

We still have our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson this week, but no class on May 16 or May 23.

I hope that, wherever you are, you’ll witness beautiful changes in scenery—finding hope and inspiration, and maybe even some fun!

Scimitar Oryx grazing under oak trees at Bamberger Ranch Preserve
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