Walk More, Type Less

Dear Reader,

I did it y’all! I took a couple of weeks off, walked more, and typed less. Even better, the “walking more” was in England, along the Thames River. What a lovely experience! A friend invited us to help her celebrate a big birthday by walking the Thames Path from the source to Henley on Thames. In less than two weeks, I walked over 100 miles. I saw pastures—sheep, cows, horses; meadows—spring wildflowers; historic buildings—Kelmscott Cottage, St. John the Baptist church, Magdelene College at Oxford University; and a pile of rocks (the source of the Thames) that grew into a full fledged river with real boats. And I’ve never seen so many swans in my whole life.

One of the best parts of the experience was a change from my normal routine. We gathered for breakfast, walked, met for lunch, walked, arrived at our next hotel, rested a bit, and gathered again for dinner. Each day had variations, but the basic routine was pretty much the same.

There’s nothing quite like a change of routine, combined with a change of scenery, and interesting, gracious company to offer the possibility of a reset. I’m not sure what will emerge from this reset, but I think I’m going to like it. Maybe I’ll walk more. I think I already look at the birds in my yard a little differently. And I slowed down enough (literally—I was the slow moving turtle in the group) to be willing to wait and see what emerges.

I’m delighted to be back home, and to resume Feldenkrais classes. Even though they’re a long standing part of my routine, they repeatedly offer variations and new perspectives. I hope you’ll join me soon to experience that for yourself.

As usual, Tuesday mornings Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are free/pay as you wish.

On Tuesday evening, June 14, I’m offering a two-hour Feldenkrais workshop through the Jung Center of Houston, called “Ankles, Knees and Hips: Finding Support for Moving Forward.” You can attend in person or online. You can register through the Jung Center. (I’ll post more on my own website a little later this week—still in turtle, slow moving mode.)

We’ll do a four-week Thursday series in June, starting next week on June 2. The title will be “From the Top,” and registration will open later this week. We’ll be taking a look at holding our heads up at the top of our bodies, and how we might do that more easily and comfortably.

Swan Nest on Thames
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