Possibilities and Choices

Dear Reader,

Those who know me, know that I like options. It’s one of the reasons that I have a lot of yarn—and fiber—and fabric. With so many supplies to choose from, I can “shop in my own stash,” when I want to make something.

On the other hand, with so many possibilities, it’s hard to know where to start.

Recently, I was preparing for a sewing project that I had in mind. Along the way, I started second guessing myself. This other idea might be simpler, or more practical, or…. Pretty quickly, I decided to stick with my original idea; otherwise, I could spend a crazy amount of time daydreaming instead of sewing.

Whew, one choice made. We’ll see how it goes—and we’ll see how much of my stash I can utilize. Maybe I can make at least a small dent and narrow down future choices.

In Feldenkrais and coaching, and even felt making, I help people explore possibilities. It’s especially fun to see unexpected options emerging. And then, of course, we can look at where to start, consider the next step. Sometimes, with new clarity and insight, the next steps become clear—perhaps even unexpectedly obvious.

Possibilities and choices. Life is full of them; and they’re clearly part of what makes life so interesting.

Please note: we’re not doing the usual Awareness Through Movement online class this week, but we resume next week. Here’s the link: Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class on February 27

Here’s a fun way to do a bit more in-depth exploration of movement possibilities:

In person at the Jung Center, a Feldenkrais mini-retreat, Reaching Out will be on Saturday afternoon, March 16.

If you’d like some coaching or private Feldenkrais lessons, you can Book an Appointment, or reply to this email.

Have all the fun you can!

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