Tangled Webs

Dear Reader,

Life seems to be full of rabbit holes. Wouldn’t this be interesting to pursue? Oh, look at that toy. I’ve never tried that before; I wonder…

Recently, my biggest rabbit hole has been bookbinding. In itself, that might not be too bad. However, I didn’t have quite the right color of waxed linen thread, so I looked in my yarn stash. Ooh look, this might be the perfect color, and I have a little tool that would help me wax the thread myself. Oops, this particular bit of yarn is a tangled mess. So, I spent a totally unreasonable amount of time unraveling the yarn. And then I decided it wasn’t quite the right texture. Luckily, I had another color that wasn’t a tangled mess, and was the right texture. So, after an afternoon of untangling the mess—and catching up on podcasts—I was back in business. I bound another book, not anywhere close to perfectly, and then got back to a few chores.

Did I waste some time? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes, I think so. The tangled mess reminded me of life and Shakespeare. “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” The original quote refers to deception, but it also applies to so many other things in our lives. [Actually, it wasn’t Shakespeare who wrote this. It was Sir Walter Scott.] So many situations that we need to untangle before we can move forward. Sometimes it’s beneficial to set aside other tasks and expectations, and just gently coax the web to come apart until we have something clear and organized, ready for the next step.

And, of course, dear friends, when we explore our movements and our lives in coaching or in Feldenkrais lessons, we also do a bit of untangling.

Coming up:

Our Tuesday midday, online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, still Free/Pay as You Wish.

In person at the Jung Center, a Feldenkrais mini-retreat, Reaching Out will be on Saturday afternoon, March 16.

If you’d like some coaching or private Feldenkrais lessons, you can Book an Appointment, or reply to this email.

Have all the fun you can!

Tangled skein of dark gold linen thread
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