Hold on Tight

Dear Reader,

Hold on tight. It’s what we do when we’re nervous or in pain, or perhaps just because it’s a habit. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re doing it. Lately, I’ve been confronting that holding on tightly. You probably know that I like to make stuff, mostly with fiber. I sew, knit, weave, spin and make felt. Over the years, I’ve collected some tools, materials and books to support my fiber habit. Please note that some of the tools are big—like the loom pictured above. And some of those support materials are no longer supportive; in fact, they’re downright in the way. It’s time to get them out of the way, to make space for the materials I really want to play with. And just for the record, the big loom stays —it’s really not in the way!

Because I’m exceptionally good at holding on, this practice of letting go is much easier said than done. But I’m working on it. I thought about it for a long time, procrastinated for a while longer, and finally got started. And true to my Feldenkrais principles, I started with easy. Let go of a few things that I clearly didn’t want to keep, grouped some things together that I did want to keep, and organized them in a more attractive way. The best thing about starting with easy, is that it feels easier to keep going. And I need that, because I want to make some big changes.

It’s summertime here in Texas and we’re having quite a heat wave. So, it’s especially nice to take it easy, move slowly, and find enjoyment along the way. That’s what we’re doing in our Tuesday Feldenkrais Awareness Through movement classes. Still free/pay as you wish, it’s a nice opportunity to rest on your back, pay attention to how you move, and see what happens. I hope you’ll join me.

Stay cool, and have all the fun you can!

Large loom!
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