Winter Light

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Hunter Hammersen is a knitting designer whom I’ve long admired. Many of her patterns are just “too stinking cute!” A couple of years ago, she posted about some non-knitting projects: making window stars—translucent paper stars that invite the winter light to shine in. With shorter days and longer nights, many of us crave light. Maybe that’s why we love candlelight or elaborate holiday light displays.

So, after reading her post, I eagerly found some tracing paper and made some window stars. They’re really quite simple. It’s the kind of thing you might do in elementary school. This year, I got more elaborate. I bought some colored “kite” paper, and I’ve been making colorful window stars. I was tempted to be careful and deliberate about how I placed the colors, but somehow I chose to let the colors mostly arrange themselves. And they’re quite fun, these colorful window stars. An extra fun moment came when I asked two of my granddaughters to help put window stars in their window. One of them had some washi tape, and, of course, it turned out to be an adventure in using as much washi tape as possible. Didn’t matter. The light did indeed come in through the window stars and the light in their eyes was heartwarming.

I hope you find delightful ways to let the light in. Physical and metaphorical ways. Enjoy the late afternoon sun dancing in the trees; light a candle—or two or three: look for beauty somewhere close by; and look for the light in someone else’s eyes. As my father-in-law said, “It’ll do you good and help you too.”

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Little girls and window stars
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