To Grieve and To Celebrate

Dear Reader,

As we approach Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, it’s somehow appropriate that I’ve attended three memorial services in four days.

Life has its losses and sadness. No one gets through this life without pain. Tears help. We need to express our sorrow and our grief.

Our grief might never go away completely, but there comes a time when we can celebrate those we’ve loved, even after they’re gone.

The memorial services were indeed celebrations of life. Celebrations of the gifts of people who are no longer in their earthly bodies. Celebrations of what we loved about them, how they touched our lives, how we’re different—different-better—because of them.

Go ye therefore and celebrate. Celebrate the gifts in your life. Do the things you love to do.

And if you like, join me in some of the things I love to do—here’s what’s coming up soon.

As usual, we have our online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson midday on Tuesdays—and it’s still Free Pay as You Wish.

In November,—which is almost here!—we have a 3 week series of online lessons called Finding Freedom and Comfort in Your Own Body and the series includes a private session. Note that the private session can be Feldenkrais or coaching, in person or online.

You can work with me individually: Book an Appointment for a free consult—or reply to this email, and we’ll talk about how to get started.

Have all the fun you can. And cry when you need to cry, and celebrate any chance you get.

Dia de los Muertos dancing skeletons
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