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Dear Reader,

I’ve seen some of my favorite clients recently. And we got to do actual in-person, hands-on Feldenkrais sessions. And not too long before that, I was able to receive an in-person, hands-on session with my mentor. So good!

Have I told y’all lately how much I love what I do? It’s absolutely fabulous that we can do this work, stay connected and keep on learning through the magic of the internet. And I’m thinking it’s even just a little more fabulous that sometimes we get to do this work in person. It’s like magic. Not just because it’s Feldenkrais work—which always seems somewhat magical to me—but also because it’s human touch.

Sometimes we just don’t know what we’re missing until we experience it again. I’ve been lucky during this pandemic to be in the presence of loved ones, to come and go fairly easily, and to even experience real live hugs. That and my recent in-person Feldenkrais experiences have helped me to appreciate the improtance of touch.

As babies, we happily explore the world through touch and taste. Our first lessons in physics come through touch. The touch of our parents skin, the taste of milk, the laws of physics dictating that those blocks are going to come tumbling down when your sibling pushes on them.

Thankfully, no matter where we are in life, we can keep on exploring. We can move our bodies this way and that, getting in touch with something deep inside ourselves—our bones, our muscles, our feelings—and discover new ways of moving in the world.

So, I’m thinking that when we resume classes in February, there will be a lot of emphasis on touch, on how we use our hands, and surely some examples of how the laws of physics have influenced our movements for as long as we’ve been on the planet. I hope you’ll join me.

The first class will be on Tuesday, February 1 at 11:30 a.m., (Central Time, US and Canada.) I’ll keep you posted on the details, and I’ll add other classes soon.

And please remember to mark your calendar for the Feldenkrais workshop I’m offering at the Jung Center of Houston on February 19, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Central time, US and Canada.) You can register to attend online or in person.

And speaking of hands-on and touch, I’ve scheduled an in-person felt-making class at the Jung Center of Houston on Saturday, April 30. It’s gonna be fun!

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