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Emerging is a nice word. Doesn’t it feel like it’s what we’re doing—or trying to do—lately? It’s been a rough couple of years in more ways than one.

And now, something is different. Who knows how or what will change, but we’re emerging. We’re figuring out how to work, how to connect in person, how to get back to normal, or perhaps to create a new normal.

As with many things in life, emerging is a process. The butterfly emerges from its cocoon, and it’s transformed. Not going back to its former state. Seems like that’s a one and done process. Our human emerging isn’t so well defined. It happens a little here, a little there. As one of my teachers likes to say, “It’s a journey, not a destination.”

I took a small journey this past weekend. Visited with family and friends. Had some lovely Feldenkrais experiences, and drove on some back roads in the Texas Hill Country, outside of Austin. I went to new and old places. Sometimes moving toward a destination, sometimes meandering.

As you move forward in your own journey, please consider joining me for some Feldenkrais lessons. They’re a nice way to experience emerging into new possibilities.

Our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are free/pay as you wish. If you’re interested in private lessons or a free initial consultation, you can you can book an appointment online. If you’d prefer to connect in person, you can call or text 713-213-7643 or reply to this email to set that up.

For better or worse, I’m emerging—and so are you. Like the butterfly, we can’t go back to our former state. Here’s hoping that as the journey continues, we make some good connections, explore new meanings, see some beautiful scenery, and have all the fun we can along the way.

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