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Approximations. I have a little sewing project going. The first step is making a moulage—creating a paper pattern that closely follows a person’s measurements. Which means that the beginning phase of this sewing project is actually pattern drafting. You start with a measuring tape, paper, pencil, rulers and curves. And, if you’re going through lots of approximations, you need a big eraser.

I’m appreciative of the fact that I did well in geometry. But it was a long time ago. Here’s the good news, while the moulage is supposed to fit like a glove, my first approximation was only off by an inch or two here and there. So, I’ll go back to the drawing board and see if I can get it even closer.

In Feldenkrais, we also talk about approximations. As we bring awareness to our movements, we get closer and closer to ideal patterns. Perfection is probably out of reach, but continual improvement is so nice. We just keep getting better and better—moving more and more easily—in our bodies, in our lives.

What are you moving toward? What would you like to improve? As we venture into this new year, perhaps Feldenkrais lessons can “do you good and help you too,” as my father-in-law used to say.

Please join me online for our Tuesday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. It’s Free Pay As You Wish, and it’s a lovely way to get moving.

Happily, I’m also teaching a felt workshop and two Feldenkrais workshops through the Jung Center of Houston. They’re at the end of this month and early next month, so it’s not too soon to sign up.

By popular demand, Create a Nuno-Felt Scarf is back. A fun, hands-on experience of creating a scarf from fabric and wool fibers. I know I keep saying this, but it really is magical.

A rare opportunity these days, an in-person Feldenkrais workshop, Open Your Mouth: an Exploration of the Mouth, Tongue, Lips and Jaw will be Monday evening, February 6.

And for those who can’t make it in person, or would like to also participate online, the same class, Open Your Mouth: an Exploration of the Mouth, Tongue, Lips and Jaw (online) will be Tuesday evening, February 7.

Here’s to enjoying approximations—acknowledging that we’re not likely to reach perfection—let’s have fun along the way!

Materials for drafting a sewing pattern—paper, pencil, eraser,...
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