One Stitch at a Time

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One of the best things about knitting socks in public is that people are really impressed by what you’re doing. It looks so complicated. Four or five knitting needles with points on both ends. Even knitters who haven’t knit socks are impressed. But there’s a secret. You only knit one stitch at a time. And of those 4 or 5 needles, only two are used at any given moment.

Once you know what you’re doing, you can zip right along, sometimes without even looking at your hands. But it’s still just one stitch at a time. So many things are like that. Complicated or overwhelming at first glance. Then, once you get going, step by step, stitch by stitch, it gets easier and easier. It’s not always immediate, but after a while, you might even have something to show for your efforts.

When I was considering the four year commitment to a Feldenkrais Practitioner training program, my friend said, “Four years from now, you can look back and see that you’ve completed it, or that you didn’t even start.” So, I did it. And I’m glad I did.

What are you approaching one step at a time? Are there things you’re considering but not quite sure about? Please know that if it’s something that’s right for you, you can take it in small bites. You can do it!

And, of course, in our weekly online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, we take it one move at a time. It adds up to feeling better and moving more easily.

Felt making is an amazing process. Tiny little fibers make zillions of little knots that won’t come apart. It starts out slowly, but soon enough, the fibers are transformed into an object that might be useful or might be just for fun. Here’s an easy way to explore felt making: Introduction to Felt Making, an in person workshop on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at the Jung Center of Houston. You might just impress yourself with what your hands can do.

Have all the fun you can!

Blue Hand-knit socks in process
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