Unavowed Dreams

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“What is natural to you that you’ve ignored or put aside? How might you recover that?” Such great questions. Moshe Feldenkrais said that he wanted people to be able to pursue their unavowed dreams. Not just the dreams that are top of mind, the ones they say they want, the ones that are public.

To purse the unavowed dreams. The ones we don’t even admit to ourselves.

Dr. Jill Carroll offered those first two questions as journal prompts in her recent class at the Jung Center of Houston. She was talking about Taoism, about going with the flow. As we examine our lives, considering what we want and what we don’t want, it’s worthwhile to take a pause. Pause and consider what we’ve left behind or set aside.

Is there something you remember doing that you just loved? Something that was fun, just because it was fun? It didn’t matter if you were good at it, or if it was worthwhile, it just felt natural to you.

How might you recover that?

There are lots of ways to pause, to recover that elusive thing, that thing you left behind. In Feldenkrais lessons, we pause a lot, do small movements, many of which are reminiscent of how babies move. The lessons often produce a state of receptivity—receptivity to easy movement, new ideas, old forgotten ideas. We pay attention to the movements, but it’s not just about the movement. It’s also about the way we change, the new ways we see ourselves and what’s possible.

In coaching, we engage in conversations—moments to pause and consider. What’s been ignored or set aside? How might that be recovered? What’s getting in the way? How might new possibilities emerge?

It’s still hot here in Texas, so I’m keeping my schedule fairly light. We’re still doing our Tuesday online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class. And, it’s still free/pay as you wish.

If you think you might like to work with me privately, you can Book an Appointment or reply to this email.

It’s a good week to think cool thoughts, and, of course, have all the fun you can.

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